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Amgen Korea Launches AmgenON as Customized Digital Solution for HCPs

  • Rich medical data customized for HCPs are made available on SmartAmgen anytime, anywhere
  • Its online service supports real-time two-way communication with online detailers

(8 March 2022) Amgen Korea (GM: Sang Noh), one of the world's leading biotechnology companies, announced on 8 March the launch of AmgenON for the HCPs-customized online detailing service.

AmgenON is a part of Amgen Korea’s new Digital Initiatives to digitally provide the latest medical information about Amgen Korea’s products and diseases.

When HCPs select a desired timeslot for the service, an online detailer is assigned and medical information they seek or need is provided on the online platform. The service is accessible from SmartAmgen, the portal site for HCPs Amgen Korea launched last year.

Amgen Korea’s AmgenON focusd on real-time detailing customized for users. As everything happens online from making an appointment to actual detailing, HCPs can receive the service whenever they want. They can also quickly access the data they exactly need in the real world, including the latest clinical data, treatment guidelines and reimbursement criteria as to products from Amgen Korea and diseases.

With the service geared towards areas of interest that HCPs pre-configured, AmgenON enables more efficient sharing of information they need through ”5-minute Virtual Detailing Service”. To overcome inherent limitations that any online platform might have, online detailers equipped with expert knowledge about diseases and products provide advanced medical information and customized feedback in real time along with two-way communication where needed. Users can always come back to SmartAmgen after the service to check materials provided anytime, anywhere.

Amgen Korea has been preparing to launch AmgenON as an optimal customized solution through a pilot process until recently. Amgen Korea plans to continuously expand the service to other diseases in therapeutic areas at Amgen Korea through this official launch, starting with the detailing service in oncology including Xgeva®, treatment for giant cell tumor of bone and skeletal-related events in patients with multiple myeloma and in patients with bone metastases from solid tumors.

Sang Noh, GM, Amgen Korea, said: “We has launched the AmgenON Digital initiative to more efficiently provide Amgen Korea‘s medical information for HCPs working hard to help patients despite this prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. I am very excited with the launch of the HCPs-customized solution AmgenON this year following the HCPs-dedicated portal site SmartAmgen last year. As AmgenON is created to help HCPs dedicated to treating their patients, we hope it would be used by many users for more convenient access to rich medical information online. Amgen Korea will remain committed to our mission ‘To Serve Patients’ and continue to do everything we can to more effectively deliver information and engage with HCPs more closely.”

Amgen Korea has been taking its transformative digital initiative programs to the next level since last year to communicate and share information with HCPs more effectively. Part of the programs was the HCPs-dedicated portal site SmartAmgen launched in August last year and the ongoing CSR program Blue Gene Campaign with HCPs.