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  • Amgen Korea operates diverse osteoporotic fracture prevention programs including improvement of residential environment and education on osteoporosis for the socially-disadvantaged-class senior citizens in Jung-gu, Seoul
  • The company practices the ESG business strategy in ‘Golden House – Bone Health Campaign’ with Seoul Jung-gu Office

(Oct. 18, 2022) The leading biotechnology company Amgen Korea (General Manager: Sang-Kyung Noh) announced on October 18th that it has held an ESG activity ‘Golden House Bone – Bone Health Campaign’ to celebrate the ‘World Osteoporosis Day’ which helps to prevent fractures of local people who are vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures and improve their residential environment.

‘Golden House – Bone Health Campaign,’ a part of Amgen Korea’s ESG (Environmental∙Social∙Governance) practices, is a partnership activity of Amgen Korea, Seoul Jung-gu Office and Seoul Community Chest of Korea, in which they cooperate from various angles to support prevention of osteoporotic fractures of elders who reside in Jung-gu area from 2021 to 2023.

This year, the company carried out ‘Golden House – Bone Health Campaign 2022’ activity with diverse programs such as maintenance of poor residential facilities which is a cause of osteoporotic fractures, support of fall prevention products, fall prevention education and a health picnic.

In the partnership of this campaign, Amgen Korea identified the low-income elderly in the socially disadvantaged class whom it finds in need of improvement of residential environment, repaired facilities in the residential area and provided fall prevention products to prevent any fractures from a fall. In a collaboration with the Seoul Jung-gu Office, it selected people who need improvement of residential environment, and prepared safer residential environment by repairing facilities in the residential area including sinks, wallpapers, floor papers, window screens, safety rails. Also, it provided senior citizens, who are at high risk of indoor fall accidents and osteoporotic fractures, with products such as safety rails, canes, nonslip mats, etc. to enable them to lead daily lives safe from indoor fall accidents.

Along with the activities to create healthy residential environment, the company also provides an education program to raise osteoporosis awareness and prevent bone fractures for the low-income elderly over 60 who reside in Jung-gu. The education program has been held once a month from August, and it aims to introduce the elderly to the severity of osteoporosis that harms the quality of life and threatens one’s life and to present the importance of prevention and long-term treatment of osteoporotic fractures. Useful information was provided by checking BMD level, watching an education video on the risk of osteoporotic fractures, distributing pocketbooks for osteoporosis management, and practicing exercise to prevent indoor fall accidents with experts. Meanwhile, a health picnic, ‘Forest Experience’ program, for prevention of the elderly’s osteoporotic fractures and fall accidents, will be held by the end of the year.

Kil-sung Kim, Mayor of Jung-gu District of Seoul, said, “It is meaningful to provide diverse welfare services intimate to daily lives of the elderly who are vulnerable to factures from fall accidents in Junggu area by seeking ways to constantly support with Amgen Korea. Jung-gu Office plans to keep protecting daily lives to be safe from fractures by doing its best for the health of senior citizens in Jung-gu district and the improvement for safer residential environment through the public-private partnership.”

Sang Noh, General Manager of Amgen Korea, said, “The osteoporotic fractures are recognized as a social issue of the super-aged society, which damages the Quality of Life and increases social and economic burden of the elderly.” And added, “The purpose of the ‘Golden House – Bone Health Campaign,’ held by Amgen Korea and Jung-gu Office, is to support the community’s senior citizens to lead healthy and safe daily lives without osteoporosis, which also matches Amgen Korea’s ESG business strategy to eventually make a better society. As always, Amgen Korea will pursue the sustainable ESG business under our mission of ‘To Serve Patients,’ with multi-angled support activities, which are necessary for the community.”

Meanwhile, Amgen Korea, as a global biotechnology company, develops innovative treatments for domestic patients and provides them based in the ESG business strategy. Furthermore, it implements various social contribution programs to fulfill its social responsibility and pursue the joint growth with community. In addition to ‘Golden House Campaign’ to help improvement of residential environment to prevent fractures of the socially-disadvantaged-class senior citizens in the community, the company operates ▲‘U Belong’ project in which executives and employees serve the community, ▲‘Grow up, Bio up’ campaign to enhance the life science education of domestic children and teenagers, ▲‘Amgen-KAST Biotechnology Awards’ to support young bio-engineers and ▲‘Blue Wish Campaign’ to fulfill wishes of children with incurable diseases.