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Amgen Korea-KHIDI Announced Successful Hosting of 2nd Amgen Science Academy: Bioday, Open Innovation Event for Promising Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies in Korea

  • Experts in R&D from Amgen HQs, including VP Philip Tagari, paid a visit to introduce R&D strategies and pipeline at Amgen and to network with local pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • ‘Amgen Science Academy: Bioday’ is the latest successful addition to Amgen Korea’s efforts to explore opportunities to network with promising companies in Korea, following ‘Amgen Science Academy: Pitching Day’ in Sep with the KHIDI

(8 Nov 2022) Amgen Korea (GM: Sang-Kyung Noh) announced the successful hosting of the 2nd Amgen Science Academy: Bioday (Amgen Bioday) symposium, held both online and offline, with the Korea Health Industry Development Institute or KHIDI (Acting president: Director of Planning Young-ok Kim), on Friday, 4 Nov. The Amgen Bioday symposium is one of the most representative open innovation programs at Amgen Korea designed to share Amgen’s transformative R&D technologies and strategies with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Korea and further the networking with them.

Experts in R&D from Amgen HQs, including VP Philip Tagari, visited Korea to attend this year’s event where they gave the presentations about bio science and R&D pipelines at Amgen, and joined the networking session with the promising pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Korea. The networking session was with 5 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and labs selected through the “2nd International BIO Pharma Cooperating Seminar & Partnering” by the KHIDI. These companies had a 1:1 meeting with R&D experts from Amgen HQs to explore opportunities to further cooperation and joint R&D efforts.

Philip Tagari, VP, Therapeutic Discovery, Amgen, gave the presentation “Biotherapeutics for Obesity – Discovery and Development of Breakthrough Therapies” and explained R&D strategies and approaches at Amgen in pursuit of breakthrough therapies in obesity. He emphasized that Amgen’s commitment to investment for research in basic science, including biology, and discovery of new drugs is what made all breakthrough therapies from Amgen possible.

It was followed by the presentation by Ai Ching Lim, Executive Director, Research (Biologics), about “sdAbs(Single-domain antibodies) and Mini-binder – Emerging Biologics Platforms to Address Challenging Targets” introducing a new platform of focus at Amgen. Andreia Lee, Senior Business Development Manager, walked participants through the therapeutic areas of focus at Amgen Business Development, along with key strategies and collaboration cases.

Sang Noh, GM, Amgen Korea, said, “We are excited to have yet another opportunity this year to discover promising local pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies equipped with transformative technologies and share R&D know-how at Amgen. What makes this year’s event even more meaningful is that R&D experts from HQs joined us and had extensive mentoring and networking sessions with home-grown pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Amgen Korea will continue to work closely with the KHIDI to support and give a leg-up to promising pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Korea in their journey to grow further.”

Yong-Woo Kim, Lead of Biopharmaceutical Industry Team, Industrial Promotion Headquarters at the KHIDI, said, “It was very meaningful to co-host the Amgen Bioday event with biotechnology leader Amgen Korea and award 3 promising domestic companies selected at the last ‘Pitching Day’ event. I believe the networking session with Amgen was especially helpful for these companies as Amgen has been powered by its strong R&D footprint. The KHIDI will remain committed to promoting technical skills that excellent Korean companies hold, to further their collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies.”

Amgen Bioday was also participated by 3 winners from the 1st Pitching Day event in Sep – Fortuga Bio, Basgen Bio and Sci-Key Biotech – who each introduced their set of skills and technologies, and were granted an award. The Pitching Day event is designed to discover and support local pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies equipped with breakthrough technologies and technical prowess. For this year, 3 final winners were selected, who received a total of 80 million won in prize money and the mentoring opportunity.

Amgen is driven by a novel “Biology First” approach, which begins by using tools like advanced human genetics to unravel the complexities of disease and understand the fundamentals of human biology. Amgen is committed to R&D in novel therapeutic areas from monoclonal antibody and proteins to antibody technologies and small molecules with the ultimate goal of delivering innovative therapeutics.