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Amgen Korea Launches Metaverse AmgenTown as Virtual Reality Platform for HCPs

  • Amgen HQs and webinar venues are re-created in Metaverse within the SmartAmgen portal site, for more engaging interaction and information-sharing through product booths, real-time webinar and live chat service
  • Amgen Korea renews its commitment to digital initiatives for closer communication with HCPs dedicated to patients

(28 June 2022) Amgen Korea (GM: Sang Noh), one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, announced on June 28 the opening of Metaverse AmgenTown, a Metaverse-powered virtual reality platform for HCPs.

Metaverse AmgenTown is a virtual reality platform for HCPs available on Amgen Korea’s digital initiative SmartAmgen and designed to more effectively provide Amgen’s medical information in a three-dimensional virtual reality.

Metaverse AmgenTown enables HCPs to experience a variety of programs as if they were actually visiting an Amgen booth at a seminar. They can also use their own avatar to engage with their counterparts in virtual reality in a more relevant way of approaching the rich medical data Amgen provides.

Metaverse AmgenTown features display booths for Amgen products, webinar hall, AmgenON meeting rooms, regular conference rooms, and gaming venue. Product display booths provide in-depth medical information about Amgen products approved in Korea and relevant diseases. At the webinar hall, HCPs can participate in a real-time webinar where they can exchange the latest medical trends and opinions. Also available on AmgenTown is AmgenON, a HCP-customized detailing service launched in March this year. HCPs can visit an AmgenON meeting room and be given the medical information they were looking for through a dedicated detailer. Medical Kakao Chatbot is yet another service through which HCPs can quickly request and receive additional information they want.

Metaverse AmgenTown is to strengthen communication and engagement between HCPs through the community feature, which is one of Metaverse’s inherent benefits. HCPs can use their avatar and more easily talk to their counterparts who are online through, for instance, video calls. In a virtual conference room, participants can have a white-board session to share each other’s screen and exchange quick messages instantly. On a more entertaining note, HCPs can also enjoy playtime with simple and fun games.

Sewon Bang, Head of Commercial Excellence & Innovation, Amgen Korea, said: “Metaverse AmgenTown marks an exciting opportunity for us to provide practical and relevant medical information for dedicated HCPs in a fun and inspiring way through the virtual reality platform. I hope it can be a chance for more HCPs to be able to access the medical data they need more easily and promote exchange and engagement with one another in the shared community. Rooted in our mission of ‘To serve patients’, Amgen Korea will continue to do everything we can to support and promote active communication with HCPs through our digital initiative on many fronts, which can ultimately benefit our patients.”

Amgen Korea is working towards transformative digital initiatives for HCPs powered by its strong digital presence. Last year, the HCPs-dedicated portal SmartAmgen site was launched as a single platform for all the information necessary to treat patients, from product or disease data to recent medical trends. In March this year, the online detailing service AmgenON was launched to provide relevant customized medical information, regardless of time and location. The newly-launched Metaverse AmgenTown is to support various virtual events, including webinars, in the future.


[Photo: Metaverse AmgenTown, a virtual reality platform from Amgen Korea for HCPs]