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Amgen Korea Operated ‘Amgen Mission Week Challenge’ Bringing Its Mission “To Serve Patients” to Life

  • Amgen employees worldwide renewed their commitment to the corporate mission “To Serve Patients” through Amgen Mission Week 2022
  • Amgen Korea raised the funds to be donated to patient advocacy groups, through the all-hands-on-deck Mission Week Challenge

(12 October 2022) Amgen Korea (GM: Sang-Kyung Noh), one of the leading biotechnology companies, announced the successful hosting of the Amgen Mission Week Challenge from Mon. 26 Sep to Fri. 30 Sep designed for everyone at Amgen Korea to renew their commitment to the corporate mission “To Serve Patient” and do their part to raise the funds.

Bringing together everyone at Amgen around the world, Amgen Mission Week 2022 kicked off by headquarters to look back at a decades-long journey the company has taken alongside with the patients, and to stay true to the corporate mission to serve patients. Amgen has never lost sight of this mission as the highest priority since founded about 40 years ago, encouraging everyone to fulfill the mission to serve patients in everything they do, no matter what or where.

As part of Amgen Mission Week 2022, the 3-day-long “Patient Voice Panels” was held with a panel of patients in the Amgen headquarters Thousand Oaks campus. Amgen employees around the world joined virtually in the panel discussion and heard first-hand what patients had had to go through to fight severe illnesses and challenges entailed in an inspiring opportunity to understand how Amgen’s transformative therapies make positive differences on patients’ lives.

To be aligned with global Amgen Mission Week 2022 spirits here at home, Amgen Korea did its part and launched the Amgen Mission Week Challenge to be reminded of and fulfill the mission to serve patients in everything they do. It is designed for Amgen Korea employees to uphold what Amgen Mission Week truly stands for, through 3 challenge programs under the theme of Do, Remind, and Share to fulfill the corporate mission to serve patients. Inspired by Amgen Korea’s goal that the mission to serve patients guides every step that its employees take, the Do program was for the employees to walk over 10,000 steps and prove it during the 5-day challenge period. The funds were then raised based on the number of steps they took. Through the Amgen Korea Mission Week Challenge, more than half of the employees participated, recording about 1.65 million steps, and a total of about 40 million won in donations was finally made. The donation will be delivered to patient advocacy groups for those with hematologic cancers or tumors.

As for the Remind program, the employees watched 3 videos from a panel discussion with patients held by headquarters and then answered relevant and yet witty quizzes, to make sure patients’ voices do not go unheard. It gives them a precious opportunity to hear what “To Serve Patients” really means to patients and be reminded of its significance. The Share program encouraged the employees to set a Mission Week kickoff image for their screen wallpaper to let everyone they meet virtually know about Amgen’s mission. It inspired employees to feel a sense of pride and belonging as a member of Amgen.

One of the Amgen Mission Week Challenge participants Minsik Kim, GenMed Sales, Amgen Korea, said, “We participated in the events that helped us be reminded of how much the corporate mission ‘To serve patients’ matters, making the Mission Week Challenge even more meaningful. I explained what Mission Week is about to my family to invite them to join me in the Do program after work, which they readily and happily do. Thanks to them, more money was raised and at the same time I was able to have quality time with my family sharing my sense of duty and responsibility as a member of a pharmaceutical company. As I have renewed our commitment to the mission to serve patients through the week-long 3 Amgen Mission Week Challenge programs, I will continue to put patients first before anything else in everything I do.”

Founded in Nov 2015, Amgen Korea is developing and offering transformative therapies in therapeutic areas with no viable treatment option yet under the mission “To Serve Patients”. It provides innovative biologics for Korean patients in bone diseases, CV diseases or oncology, and has been playing an important role in the development of the local pharmaceutical industry through various activities driven by its commitment to biology.


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